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Grace and Truth 101 The Way Born Again Baptism (water) The Holy Ghost (the infilling) How Important is God to You Self Righteousness (unawares) Becoming Carnal (unawares!) Pureness of Heart The Cross (drawing nigh to God) Renewing of your Mind Harden not Your Heart The Cross (our submission) The Cross (forgiveness) Justification (law or grace) Mercy on Ourselves Pride The Cross - Addressing Sin

These are some of the questions many believers have but have not received satisfactory or complete answers to.  Some anwers will be addressed in audio, future videos and some will be answered by way of written form as well as by future emails.    (Please email your "Questions and Comments" to: GraceandTruth101@GraceandTruth.com )  

     Check the questions below to see if any apply to you: 

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