The Holy Ghost (the infilling)

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The Holy Ghost – the infilling

             The infilling of the Holy Ghost is a very real experience.  It is at this point that the Spirit of God enters your spirit, quickening and regenerating, bringing your spirit out of sinful darkness into light making it God conscious.  Then and only then will the Spirit (Spirit of God) bear witness with our spirit that we are the sons of God (Rom 8:16).  The Holy Ghost is a gift from God and it must be received as with natural gifts. However, only after true repentance, by way of the conviction by the Spirit, which brings on the godly sorrow, can a person receive the Holy Ghost.  In the Book of Acts, many people spoke in other tongues, as is Acts2:4, 10:45-48, 19:1-6 as the Spirit of God gave utterance.  Everyone who has the Holy Ghost will speak in tongues sooner or later because no man can say Jesus is Lord but by the Holy Ghost (1Cor 12:3).  The speaking in tongues is addressed in - Tongues in detail.  The power of the Holy Ghost is addressed in – the Kingdom of Godclick to read! .