Grace and Truth 101

Grace and Truth 101 The Way Born Again Baptism (water) The Holy Ghost (the infilling) How Important is God to You Self Righteousness (unawares) Becoming Carnal (unawares!) Pureness of Heart The Cross (drawing nigh to God) Renewing of your Mind Harden not Your Heart The Cross (our submission) The Cross (forgiveness) Justification (law or grace) Mercy on Ourselves Pride The Cross - Addressing Sin

 Do you have your life in Christ or do you just have Christ in your life?



Are you frustrated in your local church?  You go to church every Sunday, some over many years, but you don't seem to be getting closer to Christ!  You see the emphasis placed on church growth, events and programs, and other things that don't necessarily have anything to do with your relationship with God.  You have been "churched" for so long that the established traditions of the local church have been accepted as Bible truths.  These traditions, not  being true Bible teachings, have members in bondage that they aren't aware of.  Once freed from this bondage, you'll be able to grow in Christ for yourselves, being in the liberty that you are to have in Christ.  (Have you gotten any closer to Christ with your religion?)


To turn the hearts of the children back to the Father, to establish and/or re-establish a working relationship with God and to worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. Accomplishing this will allow you to hear the voice of God and prayerfully obey it, for those who are led by the Spirit of God are the sons of God (Rom 8:14).


All scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: that the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works (2Tim 3:16,17). Scripture can be used either to set you free (the spirit) or put you in bondage (the letter). For Scriptures to do what they are meant to do, they must be correctly applied, scripture upon scripture, precept upon precept, line upon line here a little there a little (Isaiah 28:9-11). If you have ears to hear and a hunger to be closer to Christ (without the foolishness!) you will benefit from these lessons and discussions.

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These are just a few of the questions many people have concerning salvation, church traditions, giving, personal spiritual questions, etc. but find that they can't ask in their local church or the answers are not sound. Prayerfully, you'll find what you are needing here and, if not, you may e-mail your questions and/or comments to the e-mail address below.

Fly on the Wall 

Fly on the Wall allows you to sit in on discussions on many subjects pertaining to salvation (real salvation!), the Holy Ghost, marriage and divorce, offices in the body of Christ, etc., all from a biblical and righteous perspective. Because these talks encompass so many other areas, some are lengthy and have to be divided into segments; nevertheless some will definitely find Fly on the Wall very interesting.







True Discipleship (click for audio)

Many will not understand and will not be able to identify with the questions that follow.  This is not questioning anyone's salvation, because many are called but few are chosen.  When you received the Holy Ghost, did you have an insatiable appetite for the Word, not just for knowledge but to learn and know God?  You studied the Word every day, even at night, wanting to learn and know everything about Christ and the ways of God.  Were you concerned about sin, and having the fruits of the spirit?  Did you and are you still very aware about how you live, not trying to show yourself as being saved, but because you are saved?  Do you find yourself seeking after righteousness, not  seeking your own convenience or desires, but because being a child of the Most High  is what you're about?  Are you concerned more about functioning in the body of Christ as opposed to the local church?  Does "Be ye Holy, for I am Holy"(1Pet 1:16) mean something to you?  Do people (especially in the local church) tell you that "you're too deep"?  If your answers are "yes", you may find this page informative, and very much  needed. Remember, Christ chose his disciples!  







Lessons on Truth

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Lessons on Truth are teachings on true Bible doctrines, practical applications of Bible scriptures, conditioning ourselves to walk after the Spirit and not after the flesh by the renewing of our minds, learning to walk by faith and not by sight, trying the spirits to know if they are of God, etc. These lessons will require you to examine yourself, not only to make sure your foundation is Bible based (and not church tradition based), but to open your eyes to see where you actually are spiritually, so you'll know where you have to go.














                                         The Way 

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These writings are for those who desire to walk after the Spirit, to be one who is truly spiritual, to walk and be in truth, and most of all to hear the true voice of God by way of the Holy Ghost.  To hear the sensitive movement of the Spirit and to be led by the Spirit, one must humble himself to the truth that the Spirit imparts to him.  This requires a person to examine himself when the Spirit reveals that certain areas in his life must be addressed.  Prayerfully these writings will help you to become a vessel of honor.


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These writings are to the Church (the Body of Christ), however, they are addressed to different "members".  The first letter entitled "First Letter (to the saints)" is a call to examine one's true relationship with God, the relationship with the local church, and having (unknowingly) lost your first love.  The second letter entitled "Second Letter (to the many leaders)" is an evaluation of many church leaders who may have never known God but preaches well, or once were in truth but compromised for whatever reason, or who likes the authority, recognition, and benefits.  The third letter entitled "Third Letter (to the 'called' leaders)" is addressed to the truly called of God leaders whose priority is to establish, maintain, and nurture growth and maturity of the body of Christ by way of the Spirit and not by man's wisdom of words.