Letters to the Church

Grace and Truth 101 The Way Born Again Baptism (water) The Holy Ghost (the infilling) How Important is God to You Self Righteousness (unawares) Becoming Carnal (unawares!) Pureness of Heart The Cross (drawing nigh to God) Renewing of your Mind Harden not Your Heart The Cross (our submission) The Cross (forgiveness) Justification (law or grace) Mercy on Ourselves Pride The Cross - Addressing Sin

       These  writings are to the Church (the Body of Christ), however, they are addressed to different "members".  The first letter entitled "First Letter (to the saints)" is a call to examine one's true relationship with God, your relationship with the local church, and your having (unknowingly) lost your first love.  The second letter entitled "Second Letter (to the many leaders)" is an evaluation of many church leaders who may have never known God but preaches well, or once were in truth but compromised for whatever reason, or who likes the authority, recognition, and benefits.  The third letter entitled "Third Letter (to the 'called' leaders)" is addressed to the truly called of God leaders whose priority is to establish, maintain, and nurture growth and maturity of the body of Christ by way of the Spirit and not by man's wisdom of words.            These writings are linked.  You may click the letter below or click from the menu at the top of the page.              1. First Letter  (to the Saints)             2. Second Letter (to the many leaders)             3. Third Letter (to the 'called' leaders)